2017 Feedback

At the conclusion of the 2017 Salon Style SA Open DanceSport Championships, we conducted a survey of attendees to see what they liked about the event and what they thought we could improve on for 2018. We always like to take feedback onboard and we do what we can to make this the best event possible. The results from the 2017 Survey are shown below, along with our responses where possible. Comments have been grouped under their relevant questions, or summarised at the bottom of the article.

Without our sponsors it would be very difficult to run an event of this calibre. We have tried to promo them as much as possible (including the name of the event!), so found it surprising that some attendees did not hear about them prior to or during the event? Oh well more promo to do this year!

The Venue:

Venue Feedback Comments:

More signage from East Car park to go to South Entrance.
This has already been discussed with Adelaide Oval and there will definitely be more signage this year!

Food and drinks for evening session at tables
This was an option for all attendees in 2017.

More options of food and having change rooms with more privacy from outside (especially for the evening session)
There will be different options available for this years dinner break- stay tuned for further announcements! We thought the change rooms were fantastic having a view straight over Adelaide Oval! However for those wanting more privacy, there were many toilets available just across the hallway. 

Close the blinds on the southern side as the light was quite bright
We wanted to provide all attendees with a fabulous view over Adelaide CBD, however we do agree that during the day session it did get a bit ‘glare’ so will be monitoring this more closely in 2018.

Bigger Floor/More Consistent Floor
Due to the spacing in the William Magarey Room and the configuration of having ALL table seats we are unable to make the floor larger and still fit enough people in! Our floor was 20mx12m and will be again this year. 

What Could Be Done To Make the SA Open Even Better?/ Any Other Feedback?

We received lots of beautiful feedback about what a great competition it was, with compliments ranging from our high quality Adjudication Panel, to what a lovely venue Adelaide Oval is, to how well/smoothly the event ran, how great our comperes/marshalls/music men/volunteers were, but you don’t need to see us gushing over all of that! Here is the not-so-complimentary stuff and what we are doing about it!

Don’t make attendees vacate between day and night sessions.
In 2017 we had split day/night tickets, so it was necessary to vacate the room to allow for the changeover. In response to this we have made the 2018 tickets all day & night so it will not be necessary to vacate the room between sessions.

More lighting/coloured lighting
We are discussing with Adelaide Oval what we can improve for 2018. 

Start at 9am due to number of events/have longer dinner break.
This was a popular one… A good problem to have in that we weren’t expecting so many entrants last year! This year we have streamlined our events and will be starting earlier at 9am. This will allow us more time for the events and also allow a slightly longer dinner break.

Keep it at Adelaide Oval!
We certainly will!

Attract more competitors
We certainly hope to do that this year. We had a lot of positive discussions with many visitors last year that would love to attend again. With our promotion and word of mouth, we are sure we can make this happen!

Having a semi or warm up round for Adult open Standard, just as was done for Adult open Latin – this was a relatively biased and unfair 
We try to keep an even playing field for all competitors. At the closing date of entries, there was 4 couples entered in Adult Open Standard and 8 couples in the Open Latin, hence why a semi final was scheduled for the Latin event only. Any events with only 4-6 couples will not have a semi final/warm up round scheduled. On the day we then had a few couples do a late entry. Hopefully there will be many more entrants in the Adult Open Standard and there will be many rounds! (On a side note in 2016 there were 14 Couples in the Open Standard and only 4 in the Latin! So you never know from year to year!)
Far too many social events mostly with 1 or 2 competitors.
The ‘social’ or Recreational events are the Grassroots of competitions. We want to encourage these dancers as much as possible as they will be the Champions of tomorrow. We need to encourage more people to get onto the competition floor- then there won’t be only 1 or 2 competitors.
Night time organization started out patchy. Swapping events and not doing a presentation in line with the other events for the balance of the night.
Agreed! We now have a full plan in place on how we wish to run our Evening Sessions

I went to take my number back at the end of the day session as I was not attending the evening and there were no staff there
We will have door attendees in place for longer this year, in particular at the day/night changeover time.

A couple of comments received regarding ProAm Competitors only receiving Certificates rather than Medallions.
This matter has been communicated directly with ProAm Competitors and a resolution found.
Change from a Sunday to Saturday.
There are a few reasons we keep the event on a Sunday, the main two being: Saturday’s are often a very busy day for Dance Studios. We don’t want to encroach on their business by running a competition on the same day. The second reason being the venue costs. To have a prestigious venue like Adelaide Oval would be cost prohibitive if we were to hold the SA Open on a Saturday. We know that most people have to work Monday, so we try to keep the finish time as early as possible. 

Have a singer for the national anthem in the evening session.
We are looking into entertainment options for the opening of the 2018 Salon Style SA Open. Thanks for the suggestion!
Invite stall holders/pop up dance shops.
We are discussing with some dance shops re this option this year. If you know of any who may like to attend- please send them our way!
More regular public dancing throughout the day and evening/ Less Public Dancing
Well this one certainly polarised our attendees! We will keep public dancing as part of the program, but will reconsider our format this year

Marketing to the general pubic/more advertising
If our budgets matched our ambition we would have half of Adelaide there! We will be increasing our publicity this year but also need your help! If you are able to help in pomotion, or have any media contacts etc. Please contact the Organiser via email: info@saopendc.com.au

So there you have it! The good, the bad, and hopefully not too much ugly! We worked incredibly hard to re-vamp the SA Open in 2017 to bring a whole new level of DanceSport Event to South Australia. While we didn’t perfect everything, we are pretty happy with what we produced and look forward to an even bigger and better 2018! If you have any further feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: info@saopendc.com.au